Time passes fast; its already April! More inventory has been recieved, so most items on the store can now be bought and are in stock. Moreover, there are some pretty cool preorders I set up as well, which you should definitely check out here:

Solar Overture Preorders 04/08 - 05/30

I also have a VERY exciting collaboration for this month, Cherrimii! Her bright color palettes and sparkling style give way to beauitiful merchandise, perfect to put on your bag or phone! Stay tuned for her products to show up in the coming weeks!

Cherrimii Collection

I chose this theme, Solar Overture, since today is the total eclipse for where I, the poster, am! Eclipses themselves are pretty common, but for a total one in the USA, the next one is on 2044.. which is nuts to think about! I'm not super good with astrology, but I heard that such an event can cause changes in luck, though it seems to be split on if its good luck, or bad luck, perhaps both? Or maybe it just amplifies it, or disrupts the energy fields of things, who knows. Either way, I'm personally a believer that its good luck, because I said so.

There's actually two batches of preorders, due to different production timings! The main one is '2024/04/08: Solar Overture', the smaller one is '2024/04/08: Dusk Dewdrops'. For the main one, the preorder and fulfillment time is longer since they're higher investment items that are quite complex to make. For the smaller one, it's for items already in production and are expected to arrive in May. See:

Dusky Dewdrops Preorders 04/08 - 04/30

I hope everybody has a good rest of their week! I will continue to run around and work hard. Don't forget to stretch and enjoy the warm weather, especially during such busy times of the year!