Happy Lunar Year! To be honest, it was completely coincidental that I set the launch sales date to this day, which happens to be the first day of Year of the Dragon. I do have actual stuff planned for that, but that will come out throughout the year... for now, lets focus on the fact that finally, you can purchase stuff! Well, I will admit, even then its the end of the day, but look.. I'm doing my best! Let's check out what's new:

  • Photocard supplies and deco from Mins Studios, a shop we recently partnered with. You can check out their storefront using the link below! Huge shoutout to them ^^
  • Link to their store
  • Lots of preorders, most of it being my art, some of it being art I commercially bought or commissioned from other people. There's a ton because there was kind of a backlog and also I really just needed to launch this and I wanted to give people a large variety they can browse around through
  • Adding site translation, but the extension we use for that keeps auto-translating despite manual translation it so it becomes incorrect again...
  • Redid the main menu
  • Lots of work back end

Thanks for reading, I look forward to a new era for business and the Year of The Dragon!