Preorder Status

If there are multiple rounds of preorders going, here you can check the status of them.

READ Disclaimer for preorders:
By reading this it is assumed you agree to this when purchasing something from my site that has been sold as a preorder. Note that final product may differ from advertised, as there may be adjustments to art or productions. I usually keep these changes minor but they do happen sometimes. All dates listed are estimate, though variable circumstances may lead to delays. In-stock items ordered alongside a preorder item will be shipped out at the same time as the preorder item, if you would like an in-stock item to be shipped out earlier, please make a seperate order. Preorders are generally non-cancellable, as the funding from them is used for production and operations. If we notice repeated cancellations, we have the right to disallow future preorders from that customer. We will ship to the address given and will not send out emails to confirm if your address is the same as before, if you are moving during around the fulfillment period, let us know beforehand, as we cannot refund packages sent to old addresses.


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Sales Period: Feburary 10th - March 31st 2024
Estimate Fulfillment Period: April 1st - May 30th 2024

2/6/24 - Some of it already done, some of it already in progress, and some yet to order. I plan to order production for prints and photocards once the preorder period is over.