Let's be real...

Doing this solo is super hard, and if you're a business runner like me, you probably get how hard this stuff is. Let's work together so things are slightly less hard.

LOOKING to work with...

Other Businesses and Artists
         - Let's make something cool together! Looking to work with other artists to create collab collections unlike seen before.

Order fulfillment team for California, USA (for 2025+)
         - Packages are currently packed by 1-2 people. I am looking for a team of professionals who can consistently deliver quality packages to customers and can manage storage and inventory.

Overseas Distributors and Group Order Managers
         - Especially in the countries Japan, Korea, and China, though from anywhere can apply (except the USA)

         - For items to do with tech, art, anime, games, etc, that my audience would also enjoy.


But anyway, let's get on with the point. If you're interested in working with me and combining our efforts, send me an email with the following information:

- your company
- why youd like to collaborate
- resume of services or portfolio or products
- how you found out about my business/site

send this to i will only reply if the aforementioned information is given.