General / Abridged Information


Orders can be accepted at any time on this site, except for maintenance or breaks. Orders placed on are typically processed in about a week. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please keep in mind that any processing, shipping, or fulillment dates are only estimate.

We offer international shipping! You are responsible for any fees or taxes associated with importing the package to your country. Please note however that I am unable to ship to all countries, with the inability to ship to the following due to USPS restrictions, mailing issues, or local laws and regulations:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Brunei, Cuba, Laos, Myanmar, Niue, Germany, Russia, Suden, Syria, Yemen

Also note that the following countries, while able to have packages directed to them, seem to be more subject to packages getting lost in the mailing process sometimes:

Australia, Belarus, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine

All Packages are packed to be secure enough to safely deliver items through the delivery route chosen under reasonable conditions. We are not responsible for what happens after the package is handed to the post office, as it becomes under the control of mailing services at that point.


To be eligible for a return, the item must be in resellable condition. If anything about the product has been modified, such as peeling off protective film, it is no longer eligible for a return. Any clothing items must be clean and not have been washed or worn.

Your order is eligible to be returned for up to 14 days after the delivery date. You are responsible for paying the item to be sent back, as well as any associated restocking and preparation fees.

We have the right to deny returns if we believe the behavior may be in malicious intent.

Full Information and Policy

I. Limitation of Liability is only responsible for processing your order and handing it to the appropriate postal service to the address given to us. Afterwards, the responsibility falls upon the postal service and not, Aero “Emnide” the Omega Composer, our partners, affiliates, designers, or anyone else that is not the postal service. You are paying for postage and to have the package to be given to a carrier, not for a guarantee of delivery. We will not send you a new package, pay for new postage, or do any other action than you have paid us to do and we have agreed upon, on the occasion that something happens to your package, such as it being stolen, damaged, lost, tampered, delayed, delivered, or returned. If this is something that occurs, you may contact to notify us so we can look into what happened to prevent it from happening in the future. However, note that not every situation can be prevented and you are not promised any compensation, items, loyalty points, new packages, or a response for anything that occurs due to the mailing process, shipping company, or anything else that does not directly involve the work of or our associates.

We are only able to assist with tracked packages, any untracked packages are purchased with the knowing risk that the location cannot be pinpointed and thus we will not extend post-purchase customer service to any orders purchased without tracking. If you see ‘tracking’ for untracked shipping purchased packages, please note that it is merely a location estimate and is not an accurate representation of where the package actually is or what stage it is at.

If you are concerned with the guarantee of your item arriving, then please choose a shipping option that grants such promise, such as signature necessary or buying shipping insurance. Shipping insurance is in the case something happens to your package, the shipping company will be held liable. Keep in mind that shipping companies have their own policies and not all will assist lost packages with shipping insurance. We recommend buying insurance for high value items or orders, as we will not replace them in the case something happens to the package. Note that if you do not buy shipping insurance, you agree to acknowledge the risks associated with mailing packages, especially internationally or overseas, and do not hold or any associates liable for it.

If your order is marked as ‘delivered’ by the postal service, we will consider it delivered. If it is marked as delivered but you do not have your package, please contact the postal service about it, as this is something we cannot help with.

II. General Shipping Process

When we receive an order, the Site will confirm it automatically for you, and we will start preparing to ship it out within the next week. You may not ask for your order to be expedited, prioritized, or otherwise given importance over the orders of other customers. Any attempt at begging for expedited, rushed, or otherwise prioritized processing will be ignored, even if it is listed as a gift.

Weekends are excluded from processing time, and we do not do same day shipping or anything of the sort. There is no guarantee on what day they will be sent out, just when it is convenient and at least once a week. If there is a large influx of orders, there may be delays in shipping and we will not be offering refunds or bonuses for the extended fulfillment time. We refuse to rush orders and aim to ensure each package is packed correctly and safely first.

We will ship your package out using the shipping method you chose during checkout. If there is an issue with your shipping method or information inputted, we will contact you about the issue. If there is no response after 48 hours, your order will be cancelled, and the items restocked. Please note that the shipping times listed are estimates based on what the shipping company tells us and we are not liable or responsible if your package arrives later than expected.

III. Customer’s Provided Information Accuracy

When making a purchase, you follow our Terms of Service and represent that the information you give us during ordering is accurate. We do not hold any liability, warranty, or responsibility for incorrectly input information, such as incorrect name, address, phone number, or any other details that is expected to be correct when first inputted. Orders are packed with the assumption that you have carefully checked and verified the information you have input is correct.

If you believe you gave us the wrong information, notify us immediately so we can make adjustments to your order. You are subject to any fees associated with this, such as costs associated shipping to a higher shipping cost country. If the package has already been sent out, and its affiliates and partners owe no refund, resending, or any other extra action, as this is something that falls under the customer’s responsibility. Attempts at requesting a new package be sent for free will be ignored. If your package has been sent to the incorrect location and you’d like a new one, please make a new order.

If you are moving soon, you still are responsible for the location the package ships to. We do not hold any liability for if packages are shipped to your old location or any other ‘wrong’ location if that is the address given to us at the time of the order and you did not notify us of an address change. No new package will be sent in the case of not updating an old address, you will be asked to pay for shipping again if you want the package resent.

IV. Delivery Arrival Times

Delivery dates are estimates given by the shipping company, and we do our best to present the range that most accurately represents the likely time period a package will arrive. Due to the current state of the world, delivery times may be delayed or the mailing process may be entirely interrupted. is not liable for any losses or damages that occurs due to delayed shipping and will not offer compensation, bonus items, or anything else, as this is responsibility of the postal service and not ours. Again we do our best to be up to date but ultimate we pay the postal service for the responsibility of handling the package.

V. Signature Delivery

Customers may be given the option to purchase signature necessary delivery with their order. If no one is available to accept delivery at the specific address, the package will likely be returned to your local post office or left somewhere around your home, such as the side of your porch or with a neighbor. A card should be there to tell you where to collect your package. We are not responsible for any fees associated with failing to accept the package. If your package is returned to us due to nobody accepting the delivery, we are under no obligation to send it out again, as you agreed beforehand by buying signature delivery that you or somebody else will be available to accept the item from the postal service.

VI. Gift Message and Wrapping

We are under no obligation to print or write any gift messaging, do any wrapping, or any other service, whether or not the package is a gift.

"Gift Message" is defined as the typed message submitted in an indicated box. This is an extra service that can be paid for. Any gift messaging left in the order notes will be ignored.

If gift messaging is offered, you agree to the following conditions:
- The Gift Message may not include any inappropriate content or contain any offensive material;
- The Gift Message may not exceed more than 280 characters;
- The Gift Message may not contain any slurs;
- We have the right to deny any gift messaging submitted and are undo no obligation to explain;
- The User may not choose how the Gift Message should be printed or written, it is whatever we have on hand.

We have no liability for what is written on these messages and will have it done as you submitted it if there are no problems with the message. If there is a mispelling or capitalization error from your submission, that is not our problem, so carefully check.

VII. Item personalization

Personalized items are subject to being cancelled at any time without notification. Personalized items may not contain inappropriate messages, intentions, or anything else not permitted on the site. We do our best to match the personalization requested possible, however, if we are unable to fulfill your request, we will contact you about it and work towards a solution. If we do not receive a response within 3 business days, your personalized order will be cancelled. Our designers have a right to refuse any customized order without stating an explanation.

VIII. Returns

If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may contact us to inquire about a return within 14 days of the package being marked as delivered. Not all items are returnable, such as products stated on the site to be non-returnable, personalized items, and sale items. If an item is in any less than original condition, it will not be considered returnable. After this 14 day period, you are ineligible to request to return your item and messages regarding the topic will be ignored.

You are responsible for providing accurate information for returns.

No refund is garauntee. Any refund will not exceed the amount paid by you to us for the original order, and refunds will have value subtracted from shipping fees, restocking fees, etc. Returns and refunds are special case situations and thus we will be limited and strict on terms regarding it. will not cover any refund value lost through payment menthod processing fees.

Be sure of items you are ordering before making a purchase. We have the right to scrutinize any return and refund requests and have the right to deny any. Returns / refunds are by inquiry and our jurisdiction and are not automatically granted or allowed with all purchases.

Any items labelled 'final sale' or 'clearance' is not eligible for returns or refunds.

IX. Damaged Items

All items are eligible for up to 14 days after delivery to have any issues brought up, afterwards we will not assist you. If you received your items in damaged condition, immediately notify us by email and send your order information and images so we can judge, observe what occurred, and who lays responsibility for it.

The following is considered a defect:

  • Noticeable printing errors (that is not purposefully part of the work)
  • Chipped parts, broken pieces
  • Dirty parts
  • Large, noticeable scratches that clearly interfere with the artwork

The follow is not considered a defect or will not be assisted with:

  • Broken clasps (not count lobster clasp or loops)
  • Small scratches only seen in reflections / up-close observation
  • Scratches on protective film
  • Regular wear and tear, including whats expected from shipping

Keep in mind that some products have a protective film atop that easily gathers scratches, and to peel it off before sending any messages regarding the matter.

We do our best to assure that packages are secured appropriately to be mailed at the expected location, and will require visual proof of the damage to make judgement. If it is something considered a fault on our part that should have been easily avoided, we can consider sending a new package. If it is something that has occurred due to an outside force, such as the package going through storm, stealing, or any other bad luck, we are not held liable for it as that is our of our control.